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Street Fighter V has broken Evo’s registration records just four days after registration began

Evo 2016

Street Fighter 5 has already broken registration records at fighting game tournament Evo 2016, proving the long-running fighting series still has the ability to pull in a sizable crowd.

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The most impressive thing about Street Fighter 5 smashing Evo’s records is the fact it achieved this just four days after registration opened, as announced by Evo on Twitter.

Last year Joey Cuellar, one of Evo’s founding members, tweeted out the final registration stats for Evo 2015, revealing that 2,227 people registered to compete at Street Fighter 4. So while we don’t know the exact registration numbers for Street Fighter 5 yet, we do know at least more than that many players applied within the first four days of registrations. It’s impressive stuff and proves that there’s a buzz around the launch of a new game in the Street Fighter series.

Evo 2016 takes place between July 15-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some of the event will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, while the finals will be held in the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

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