Streets of Rage 4 reviews – our roundup of the critics

Streets of Rage 4 is somehow managing to live up to 26 years of expectations

After 26 years, a new Streets of Rage game is ready for launch – and against all odds, it looks like this revival is living up to the hype. The Streets of Rage 4 reviews are in, and they are strong. The joint effort between developers Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games is impressing reviewers across an array of outlets, so here’s our breakdown of what the critics have to say.

“This is more than a mere revival of a once-loved series,” Eurogamer says, “Streets of Rage 4 is quite simply the best of the bunch.” USgamer says that “while its length and lack of extra modes might make this offering seem slim, it makes up for it with brilliant fighting, effusive style, and another solid set of tunes.”

While we’ve yet to see any negative reviews in the wild, other outlets are a bit more reserved in their praise. IGN says that “Streets of Rage 4 delivers a fun, traditional experience but prioritises nostalgia over any kind of modern reinvention,” and Game Informer concludes that it’s “a fun stroll down memory lane, but it doesn’t have enough depth to completely pull players in.”

Streets of Rage 4 currently boasts an average 85 rating on OpenCritic, and an 84 on Metacritic. You can see a selection of scores below.

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