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Strider remake coming to PC; makes being a cyber ninja look easy


Being a ninja can’t be easy work. You’re forever being called upon to rid the world of some new and terrible evil, and there are no allowances made for the weather. Despite it being a heatwave in England at the moment, ninjas must go about their daily business in full black garb.

Yet Strider, the hero at the forefront of Capcom’s rebooted series of the same name, makes fighting armies of futuristic robots look easy. From the in-game footage, possibly too easy.

From the reveal trailer we learn a few things about Strider, he really doesn’t like robots – not even espresso machines – and he will cut, jab, swish, and slice until there are none left in his way. As character traits go, he doesn’t seem the most three-dimensional of protagonists. Making the game’s 2.5D perspective particularly apt:

The trailer does make Strider looked like an action-packed, explosion-filled romp, which is no bad thing. The in-game footage below does show a worrying lack of challenging gameplay:

Clearly, the footage is taken from early in the game but nonetheless the robots take just a hit or two to destroy, whereas, inversely, Strider seems to be able to take a good whack of damage. It would be nice to see Strider follow a more Ninja Gaiden-vein and have you string together combos to see off enemies quite so easily.

Still, these are judgements based on footage, not actual time with game, and it may be significantly more difficult to play. Similarly, Strider’s not due out till 2014 so a great deal can change between now and then.