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This new nightmarish Steam FPS game is Toy Story with guns

Stuffed combines a cutesy teddy bear with the childlike dreams of toys coming to life, and the result is a brilliantly creepy FPS.

a teddy bear wit ha makeshit crossbow

We’ve all dreamed of our stuffed animals coming to life, right? At least, everyone who grew up on Toy Story must have. I like to imagine mine protecting me from all the monsters that lurk under my bed. That’s why this new Steam FPS game where you play as a teddy bear protecting their owner till morning intrigues me. It’s cute but also has a slightly unsettling vibe to it that makes it feel more like the stuff of nightmares than dreams.

Stuffed puts you into the shoes of an adorable teddy bear and then it gives that toy a sniper rifle. In this twisted FPS game, you play inside the dreams of a little girl, sleeping soundly because she believes her teddy is keeping her safe from shadow creatures and garden gnomes. You wouldn’t want to let her down, would you? Your goal is to defend her bedroom door at all costs.

Levels are procedurally generated and send hordes of enemies at you. As you’re playing as a teddy, the environments are all home rooms but bigger, one of my favorite places to play games in. The weapons are also wonderfully silly, with a popcorn grenade and a jelly bean shotgun to make use of, they’re all made up of regular household objects.

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You don’t have to defend your owner all by yourself, either. There’s a four player online co-op mode that you can dive into to take on the hordes as a team. You can level up and customize your bear using XP you earn while defeating the hordes.

If you want to relive your childhood, then you can pick up Stuffed following its 1.0 launch for $11.69 / £9.26, down from $12.99 / £10.29 until Sunday June 23. You can buy it on Steam, right here.

If you like the look of Stuffed but think it may be a little bit too grown up for your kids, you can find loads of other kids games on Steam, too. Or, if you like the creepy aspect but don’t think it goes far enough, why not pick up some horror games instead?

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