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Boaty exploration-’em-up Submerged arrives on Steam next week


We’re taking a rollercoaster ride here on Barrett Sundays, straight from Doom’s bone ripping, muscle shredding, demon exploding action to serene boating adventure Submerged. It’s out this week on Steam and is the story of Miku, a young girl who brings her brother to a flooded city in the hopes of finding a cure for his lethal disease.

Here’s the most recent trailer, showing off the world and the start of the story:

It’s out August 4th and promises huge environments and no combat. It’s about finding out how the city got this way through exploring the environment, ditching the boat to climb up the taller buildings and scanning the horizon for potential help. Older trailers show a bit more of how the game plays:

According to this post on the Playstation Blog, it’s already won awards for audio and it’s clearly beautiful. Planning stops along an open world in actual search of something sounds like a lot of fun. It would seem out of the calm, quiet theme for the brother’s illness to server as a time-limit, so hopefully we’re free to wander as much as we like.

No mention of a price, but at a guess this is sitting in the £20 or so range. Grab it here when the time comes.