Beware of the spreading infection, coming in Subnautica’s Infected update

Subnautica Infected

You may need more than a course of antibiotics to clear this infection up. As part of its new Infected update, Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds have added a mysterious illness to the game, which causes players and animals to break out in luminous green pustules. Once infected with this disease, it seems like a race against time to cure it before it takes over you body completely. Lovely.

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Just like in real life, Subnautica requires players to have regular health check ups to make sure they are not infected with the ghastly green disease. Luckily, the Infected update add in a new handheld body scanner, which allows divers to check to see if they have been infected. If the scan comes up normal, you’re free to continue diving but if the scan comes up with a positive reading, you need to start searching for a cure.

There is a special Disease Research Facility which is now located in the Lost River, as per this update, so this may be your best bet at finding a cure. It could contain even more horrifying things, but it is worth a shot if you’ve got the Green Death. A new Lab Cache is attached to this facility, so give that an explore while swimming around the Lost River.

Along with the new Crag Field biome, the Infected update adds the ability to finally drag and drop things on the PDA, as well as expanding the functionality of the Map Scanner room to have increased range and scanning. The update also adds the mysterious exterior of another Facility, named the Primary Containment Facility. While not yet open for exploring, note the location of this Precursor structure for future deep dives.

The update is now available on Steam so be careful of any glowing green fish you may see swimming past you when you’re on your next dive. They could be the death of you.