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You can date Cthulhu in love-craft sim Sucker For Love: First Date

Putting the "love" back into "Lovecraftian horror".

Do you want to date Cthulhu? You can now

Have you ever wanted to date an Eldritch horror from the dawn of time? Jokes about ex-partners aside, you’ll soon be able to in Sucker For Love: First Date, a dating sim that promises to “put the ‘love’ back into ‘Lovecraftian horror'” – with more than a hint of the deceptively cute Doki Doki Literature Club about it.

Published by horror studio DreadXP, which originally released a basic version of Sucker For Love in its horror anthology Dread X Collection 2 which was made in just ten days – Sucker For Love: First Date offers players a chance to date a Cthulhu-like girl, a yellow-loving royal, and the enrapturing Nyanlathotep.

There is certainly a lot about Sucker For Love that seems off or creepy, but don’t worry, DreadXP promises that players can “let your guard down” and that there are “no horror elements or danger whatsoever. This is a dating game!” We’re sure a publisher known for exclusively creating twisted horror games wouldn’t lie about something like that, so it must be totally fine.

You can check out the trailer below, which shows off the old-school anime aesthetic, the death of the universe, and the main character’s face melting off. Sucker For Love: First Date releases in December 2021 – sadly too late for Halloween – and is the first part of a trilogy featuring “unique protagonists and twists”. Whether the player character will survive the experience is another matter.

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