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Stardew Valley style fantasy game gets even better with big new update

Excellent 2023 fantasy sandbox game Sun Haven, blending DnD adventure with Stardew Valley style living, gets a new region and black market.

Putting a dark magic fantasy spin on the established farming and life sim format, Sun Haven is proving one of the Stardew Valley contenders to watch alongside the likes of Coral Island, Timberborn, and Dreamlight Valley. The sandbox game just got a whole lot bigger thanks to the launch of a new update introducing an entire underwater region, a black market, the ability to have children, and even more besides.

With its full launch in 2023 after two years in early access, Sun Haven sits at a ‘very positive’ 88% Steam review score. Its dark magic setting brings a Dungeons and Dragons twist to proceedings, making it well worth a look if you’re after a new farming game to fill that Stardew-shaped hole. Now, whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time player, there’s more reason than ever to check in thanks to this latest update.

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The Sun Haven 1.4 patch has just arrived, and it’s absolutely massive. Firstly, there’s an entire new region, the Brinestone Deeps. This underwater zone looks absolutely gorgeous and becomes available once you’ve reached Spring 13 in the calendar (if you’re already past that, it will unlock immediately). Expect to discover new NPCs, quests, monsters, fruit trees, materials, recipes, and even a new currency – Doubloons.

Among the newcomers are two romance options – Karish, “a Shark Amari with a big heart and desire to be a hero even in the Deeps, where heroes aren’t celebrated,” and Zaria, “the Redwash Corsair, otherwise known as the most feared Water Elemental in the Deeps.” Additionally, partners have new interactions and animations including updated wedding speeches.

Once married, you’ll now have the ability to have a child with your partner if you choose. This is completely optional, but if you do, you’ll start out with a baby that will eventually grow into a toddler as you care for them. There’s also a new Nursery Crafting Table that will let you make all the essentials to look after your newborn.

Sun Haven - A giant blue octopus.

The last major inclusion in patch 1.4 is the introduction of the Sun Haven Black Market. You’ll find this by traveling through the sewer to the east of the Sun Haven Cafe – you can even stop to catch some distinct sewer fish species along the way. The Black Market uses its own currency, earned by selling quest items and used at the various merchants found there.

Pixel Sprout says that another big expansion is planned for the future, although more details on this will come after the game’s release on Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, you can pick up Sun Haven at a deep discount courtesy of a Steam sale and check out the new update right away.

Sun Haven patch 1.4 is out now. To celebrate the launch, you can get Sun Haven at a 30% discount on Steam through Tuesday June 25 – expect to pay $17.49 / £13.64 if you buy it now, down from its usual price $24.99 / £19.49. Head here to grab your copy.

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