Sunless Sea’s Zubmariner DLC alpha footage is wonderfully haunting

Sunless Sea DLC

Announced in October, Sunless Sea’s upcoming Zubmariner DLC has now momentarily poked its periscope into the depths to offer a glimpse at the world lurking beneath the Unterzee. It looks lovely. No, you’re scared.

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What could be more unsettling that Sunless Sea’s eerie Untersea ocean, you may have asked yourself in the past. To which the following footage answers: what lurks beneath it.

“The first thing you’ll notice is we’ve got a lot more light around our ship compared to the surface, including some enhancements to our running lights,” explains Failbetter’s Liam McDonald. “It almost makes you forget about the dark unknown all around you.”

Then the video reaches the 57 second mark and I’m not at all convinced by his assurances. I can’t be certain, but that looks like one of those Thalatte monstrosities – the not-so-friendly chap featured in this post’s header image.

McDonald then explains that we’re actually operating the “zee-shell” surface vessel shown from the relative safety of our surface ship stationed above, though, so perhaps my scaredy cat sensibility is ahead of itself. Either way, the way in which the game uses shadow and light to portray depth from a top-down perspective is admirable.

“Yeah, I’m not gonna stick around too long, though,” says McDonald upon spotting one such danger of the deep.

If he’s not sticking around, what chance have we got?