Sunless Sea’s Zubmariner expansion trailer shows us the zee floor

Sunless Sea

The latest trailer showing off Sunless Sea’s deep diving Zubmariner expansion is suitably eerie, showing some of the different risks involved in guiding a sub (zub?) though the zee’s inky depths.

Sunless Sea made it into our list of the best indie games on PC, don’t you know.

As the zubmariner you’ll be navigating by the beam of your sub’s lights, using its glow to judge the depth of jutting rocks: if the beam is blocked or it makes the terrain cast a shadow, your sub is going to smash into the terrain, so you need to stay alert when exploring the depths.

Whether navigating around a landmass or slipping beneath the icebergs of the North, you might stumble across one of the game’s new interactive objects. In the trailer we’re shown the example of an underwater shipwreck. Interacting with these objects will trigger a story event. Perhaps it will tell you about the vessel, or maybe it will net you some supplies.

As always with Sunless Sea, you will have to weigh up the risks, because not everything you find will be something you wanted to stumble upon in this harsh world, as is evident by that horrible sea creature in the concept art at the top of this post.

See for yourself in the trailer below:

There’s no release date on the expansion yet, but you can check out more details in Failbetter’s official post.