Sunless Skies to feature multiple major ports, hoping to make space travel more varied

sunless skies

In a new post on the Failbetter website, the studio has announced that the follow-up to Sunless Sea, Sunless Skies, will feature several major ports that players can travel and trade supplies at. Whereas Fallen London was the only major port in Sunless Sea, the addition of extra large ports in Sunless Skies should help break up the monotony of floating aimlessly round the blackness of space for extended periods.

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“We want to keep this core loop, but reduce the amount of time spent traversing explored territories” says director of game development Liam Weston on the Failbetter website. “The tension created by having to struggle back to a major port will still be there, and the threat of overreaching and dying in the cold, uncaring vastness of space will be just as present as it was in Sunless Sea. But your journeys will be shorter and more varied, and the new opportunities awaiting you in ports even more tantalizing.”

Similar to Sunless Sea where Fallen London was always in the same place but other locations were shuffled for each new playthrough, the major ports in the High Wilderness will be fixed, but the various settlements and discoveries located around each port will shift on subsequent new games.

Sunless Skies is currently in pre-production, with it set to launch on Steam Early Access next year if its Kickstarter is successful.

Thanks, PCGamer.