Failbetter’s Sunless Skies hits the stratosphere, gets £100k Kickstarter goal in four hours

Sunless Skies

Update: The Sunless Skies Kickstarter has soared far above the clouds, hitting its Kickstarter goal of £100,000 in just four hours.

People really like Sunless Sea, huh? In just a few hours, Sunless Skies has just under 2,500 backers and has raised almost £103,000. There’s still 29 days to go.

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Original Story: The people behind the critically-acclaimed Sunless Sea have launched the Kickstarter campaign for its starfaring successor, Sunless Skies.

Sunless Skies will be a top-down story-driven game of exploration, corruption and jealousy. Like its predecessor, it will have roguelike elements, and is set in the dark Victorian-Gothic Fallen London universe.

“Players will be exploring a universe steeped in celestial horror and ravaged by Victorian ambition,” says narrative director Chris Gardiner. “Ten years have passed since the events of Sunless Sea, and Queen Victoria has led an exodus from London to the heavens. She’s forging another Empire – more ambitious and authoritarian than the one on Earth.”

“The idea of Victorians in space is absurd,” admits CEO and art director Paul Arendt, “but when you get beyond that, it’s actually terrifying. What would that much industrial hunger and capability do, if it were untethered by gravity and far from the moral compass of home?”

Empress Victoria

You’ll be able to choose your character’s origin story, factional affiliations and ambition – which determines your victory condition – then spice yourself up with new ‘facets’ as you grow in power during the game. You’ll explore the stars in a spacefaring steam locomotive, and battle your enemies in real-time combat that rewards planning and positioning.

Check out the Kickstarter here. It’s aiming to raise £100,000, and will close in just over a month. The game is slated for release in May 2018, with an early access release expected some time this summer.