Super Cloudbuilt remakes 2014’s hectic parkour platformer, coming summer this year

Super Cloudbuilt

Cloudbuilt, a sci-fi parkour platformer first released in 2014, is getting a remaster. Titled Super Cloudbuilt, the game will re-evaluate the original from the ground up and stand as the definitive edition. It’s due for release on PC in summer 2017.

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Developers Coilworks and Double Eleven (who also made Goat Simulator, and are handling publishing duties) say Super Cloudbuilt will make the experience more intuitive for new players, while also bringing more depth and variety, allowing you to choose between exploration or chasing fast runs and high scores.

Super Cloudbuilt ties together all previous DLC levels from the base game and comes with enhanced graphics, UI and gameplay optimisations.

If you missed it first time round, you play as Demi, a young soldier who wakes up in the ruins of a strange new world, disconnected from her old life and even her body. You’ll strive for feats of sharp-shooting and free-running as you struggle against the bounds of Demi’s new reality, and piece together what it means for her future. As you finish the game’s levels, you’re led toward one of several endings: will Demi learn to understand and accept her new world, or question her reality and learn to defy it?

If you’re the competitive type, you’ll be able to compete with fellow speedrunners in the extensive leaderboards, and 177 challenges await across three gameplay modes, each with different options to tweak.

For more screens and information, check out Super Cloudbuilt on Steam here.