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Roguelike city builder Super Fantasy Kingdom sets launch window

Strategy game Super Fantasy Kingdom targets an early 2025 launch after a successful Steam Next Fest demo that neared the top of the pack.

Roguelike city builder Super Fantasy Kingdom sets January launch window - A bearded king wearing a crown smiles as he rests a large sword on his shoulder.

Hot off the heels of a successful Steam Next Fest demo that saw it soar up the charts, new roguelike city-building strategy game Super Fantasy Kingdom is now targeting a launch in early 2025. Publisher Hooded Horse, also behind the likes of Manor Lords and the phenomenal Against the Storm, gives us a fresh look at the upcoming city builder from solo developer Feryaz Beer during the ‘Games Made in Germany’ showcase, and there’s still a little time left to try it out now if you’re quick.

A cozy retro-styled city-building game with a roguelite structure, Super Fantasy Kingdom is all about rebuilding your ruined lands and defending huge hordes of monsters that attack when night falls. Holding out as long as you can and exploring further into the wilderness between onslaughts, you’ll slowly grow and improve as you carry over your knowledge and new heroes to subsequent attempts.

With more than 100 units ranging from standard soldiers and crossbowmen to fantasy favorites including genies and vampires, and even the likes of dinosaurs, there’s a huge amount of potential variety to your builds, meaning each run should feel different from the last. Earn enough glory or find new discoveries strewn across the map and you’ll unlock even more options. These range from more advanced resource management and production methods to all-new guardians to lead your next run, each bringing their own powerful abilities to the battlefield.

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The Super Fantasy Kingdom demo proved immensely popular during Steam Next Fest, rising to the number 31 spot on the most-played demos for the June iteration of the event. That’s an impressive achievement for solo dev Beer, who is celebrating its success with news of the planned release window for the full game.

Super Fantasy Kingdom is set to launch in the first quarter of 2025. If you can’t wait until then, Hooded Horse says the Next Fest demo should still be available on Steam for “another week or so.” So don’t wait around if you’re curious to try it, or you might miss your chance.

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