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Super Meat Boy Forever dev says Epic exclusivity deal was a “total no-brainer”

The game's creator has talked about how the decision to launch as an Epic Games exclusive came about

Since the Epic Games Store’s launch at the end of 2018, multiple indie developers have opted to make their games Epic exclusives, even if only for a timed period. Some such titles include Ooblets, MechWarrior 5, indie building game Satisfactory, and Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy Forever. Now, SMBF’s creator has said that choosing to go with the Epic exclusivity deal was a “total no-brainer.”

As reported by Wccftech, Tommy Refenes, Super Meat Boy Forever creator, talked to Destructoid at this year’s PAX West about the game’s timed Epic Store exclusivity deal – and it sounds like the dev found the decision to take up the offer an easy one to make. In talking about the initial discussions, Refenes says “they told me they want Super Meat Boy Forever on the Epic Games Store but it would be a year exclusive. At first, I was kind of like ‘oh…okay.’

“Then they said they would guarantee our sales. Even then, I’m kind of like ‘I don’t even know what to ask for. So, run the numbers and tell me what you would offer.’ They did, and I was like ‘Yes!’ It was a total no-brainer. After I got the numbers, the level of fear of not launching on Steam for PC was immediately alleviated.”

Refenes continued, saying “that’s huge. That’s huge for anyone in any industry to be like ‘when you get done with your work, you’re definitely going to make this much.’ I don’t know who wouldn’t take that deal.” He added that “we announced at The Game Awards, and these are things that I’m not going to get anywhere else. To actually have Meat Boy on the screen at The Game Awards is nuts.”

Touching on the topic of Epic Store competitor, Steam, Refenes said “I feel like people are going to buy games on PC because that’s what we’ve done. Steam is a way to buy games, but it’s not the only place that sells them and it’s not the only place that’s successful.”

Super Meat Boy Forever is due to arrive later this year, at which time you’ll be able to grab it on the Epic Games Store.