Superhot is free for a couple more hours on the Epic Games Store

Be sure to snag Superhot while it's… hot

The stylish puzzle action of Superhot is today’s free game on the Epic Games store, but you’ve got to be quick if you’re going to pick it up: the deal only lasts until 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT, which gives you a couple more hours to grab it.

Superhot is the latest in the Epic Games store’s parade of free holiday games. It’s offering one each day for the season, and so far the games it’s offered have been very good: both Into the Breach and TowerFall: Ascension have been available so far.

Superhot is a unique beast. The game launched in 2016, and it’s a first-person shooter in which time moves only when you do, making each level almost a puzzle box more than a shooting gallery. It has a striking visual style, with crystalline, blood-red enemies scattered around pristine environments. The constantly pausing action means you get plenty of time to line up your shots, and the effect is to create amazing John Wick-esque combat sequences that feel almost balletic when you’ve successfully completed a fight.

In all, Epic will be offering a total of 12 free games over the Christmas holiday, and that’s in conjunction with a winter sale that offers up to 75% off on its catalogue of games. That comes with a $10 coupon to use on anything in the store.

Of course, Steam is running its winter sale right now, too, so there are plenty of game deals to be had if you’re trying to do some last minute holiday shopping.

Epic’s 12 days of free games refresh each day at 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT, so stay tuned for the next free game on offer later today.