New SUPERHOT footage shows story mode, spooky messages


Ever since playing the original prototype I’ve found there to be something quite sinister about the time-dilation FPS SUPERHOT. It’s clearly riffing off gangster tropes, but it’s also a little darker and more disturbing than that. It’s a great fit for the minimalist style and one-shot-one-kill gunplay. There’s some more tiny glimpses of what it might all mean in the latest trailer, which shows off the story mode.

Curiouser and curiouser. I love the glitched out CRT aesthetic of the menu and the static loading screens, though whether they make it to the final game is debatable. They also seem to have the line “ImpatientGrapeCat” embedded in them for a couple of frames, though I have no idea what it means. It seemed like a gfycat URL, but lead only to a 404 page.

That footage is taken from the beta that went out to Kickstarter backers today. Expect much more as keen video-makers get their hands on it and pull apart the various bits. According to this update it has 20 story levels, plus some additional features and ‘surprises.’ If you’re desperate or new to the game, the original prototype is still online though no longer works in Chrome.

Superhot’s original planned release date was June, so it’s running right on time by Kickstarter standards. Expect it before the end of the year. You can pre-order now, natch, but it won’t get you beta access.