SUPERHOT release date confirmed for February 25th in new trailer | PCGamesN

SUPERHOT release date confirmed for February 25th in new trailer

SUPERHOT release date

The only game I'll gladly spell out in all caps, SUPERHOT is the prototype-cum-Kickstarter that spawned out of the 7DFPS gamejam back in 2013. It's a shooter where time runs extremely slowly when you aren't moving, letting you pirouette between bullets, grab guns out of the air and generally feel like a king. It's coming out on February 25th, and there's a new full-speed trailer that shows just how cool you get to be.

Will it make our list of the best FPS games ever?

A quick teaser trailer shows off exactly the sort of game it is - monochrome, violent and rad as hell:

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SUPERHOT is one of very few games that have gotten everything right at exactly the right time. They hit Kickstarter just before the gamer purses tightened up a bit with a game that added a new variable to an old formula, using a visual style that gave it a striking look and ran on just about anything. They had a free, spread by word-of-mouth prototype that was a cult hit and, y'know, they made something that was a lot of fun to play. They also filled it with a mysterious narrative I'm excited to see the conclusion of.

It's guaranteed to be one of the bigger indie hits of the year with such a build-up, and word out of the backer-only betas has been very good. How they translate what was a very enjoyable but short and basic prototype into a full game will be fascinating. It'll be available via "digital retailers" so assume Steam, Humble and GOG at the least. No word on pricing, but somewhere in the $30 range seems like a maximum unless they've really gone all-out on the amount of content.

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