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Learn about the Supreme Court by cozying up to its members in Supreme Courtship

Supreme Courtship hits Kickstarter

Supreme Courtship

The world of comedy dating sims has grown increasingly full, and the concepts behind them have gotten increasingly silly. We’ve dated pigeons, we’ve dated dads, and we’ll soon be dating weapons – so why not add Supreme Court justices to the list? Supreme Courtship puts you on the US’s highest court with the opportunity to cozy up with your colleagues along the way.

Yes, it’s silly, but Supreme Courtship also has a somewhat more noble goal in educating players about how the third branch of US government works. It’s not explicitly a dating sim, though it does come of that genre’s trappings, including the ability to build your relationships with fellow justices by properly responding to their likes and dislikes.

Supreme Courtship focuses on youthful versions of the real people who populate the court, and as you might imagine that’s presented some thorny issues for the developers. Kotaku spoke with the developers last year about those issues, including their internal debate about whether to include Brett Kavanaugh in the game after he was accused of sexual assault.

The game’s now on Kickstarter, currently around $3,500 of the way to a modest $32,000 goal. You can get a decent taste of what to expect from the trailer below.

The FAQ page breaks down some of the thornier issues about various portrayals in the game, and what decisions the team ultimately made.

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You can also pick up a free demo via the Kickstarter link above, which will give you an even better idea of what Supreme Courtship is all about. There’s a lot that could go wrong in its joking approach to current issues, but here’s hoping it finds the right balance.