Survarium gets more flesh on its bones, beta coming soon

Survarium update

With gloomy survival romp Survarium gearing up for closed beta, developer Vostok has been chucking in a bunch of extra content in the form of two new areas, Tarakanovsky Fort and Mamayev Kurgan. The former is an overgrown, verdant ruin based on its real world counterpart, while the latter is a stark, grey mass of cracked stone with an imposing statue looking down on it.

Work is also being done on game balance and tweaks to the existing locations as well as pesky random anomalies, artifacts, the game’s economy and a proper quest system. Currently optimisation is a priority, as the team attempts to get Survarium to play nice with integrated graphics cards and notebooks. Position your eyeballs over the dev diary below.

Cheers, RPS.