New documentary features Journey dev on the struggle of indie studios, is on Steam now

Surviving Indie

Surviving Indie is a new documentary about independent videogame makers, and the many hurdles they have to clear to realise their visions. It’s available to buy or rent on Steam now, where it’s discounted by 40% for Christmas. 

What do these struggling artists have to show for all their hard work? Check out the best indie games on PC for an idea.

Among the indie devs who share their stories are:

  • Rami Ismail (Ridiculous Fishing, Nuclear Throne)
  • Kellee Santiago (Journey, Flower, Flow)
  • Becca Bair Spurgin (Arcadian Atlas)
  • Ryan Zehm (Multi-award winning VR developer)
  • Jay Tholen (Dropsy, Hypnospace Outlaw)
  • Tyler Coleman (Merchant)
  • Richard James Cook (Pixel Poetry, Battlesloths, Super Combat Fighter)

The film aims to present a “realistic discussion about the oft-romanticised world of independent game development”. It’s made by documentary makersGamestar Arts and distributed by Devolver Digital Films – the film division of the people who brought you Hotline Miami and Titan Souls, and have thus seen plenty of the indie scene.

Sound good? Head to the film’s page on Steam to have a watch. With the 40% discount, you can rent it for just £0.95 ($1.19 US), or buy it to keep for £2.87 ($3.59). The discount ends on December 26. Surviving Indie will make its way to other view-on-demand platforms, to be announced in 2017.

By the way, if you’re interested in this sort of thing and you haven’t yet seen Indie Game: The Movie, you should really get on that. It’s over four years old now though, so I’m glad that Surviving Indie has found some developers willing to share new stories (though I expect to hear quite a lot of overlap).