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Next week’s free game from Epic is a sci-fi city builder

Getting to Mars is all the rage these days, we hear

Sure, sci-fi has all those fancy laser guns and giant military starships, but sometimes it’s more fun to build than destroy. That’s why we got the genre of city-building games in the first place (look up Will Wright and Raid on Bungeling Bay sometime). If you’re looking for a sci-fi take on that particular genre, Surviving Mars is an excellent option, and it’s about to be available for free.

Surviving Mars will be available for free via the usual Epic Games Store promotion page starting March 11 at 8:00AM PST / 11:00AM EST / 4:00PM GMT. You’ll be able to grab it and add it to your account until March 18 at those same times, when it’ll be replaced by yet another selection of Epic’s free PC games.

This isn’t the first time Surviving Mars has been given away on Epic, as both the game and its Space Race DLC were provided for free back in 2019. The return of the giveaway is likely to promote the upcoming Surviving Mars announcement as part of Paradox Insider next week. All we know for sure is that “it’s not a sequel”, so hey, maybe now is exactly the right time to dive in.

For now, you can grab Wargame: Red Dragon from the Epic Store until Surviving Mars goes live.

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