Sword Coast Legends is free for all adventurers this weekend

Sword Coast Legends is free

Sword Coast Legends was not the ultimate D&D adaptation that some of us hoped for – though Jeremy and I certainly had a lovely time when we spent an afternoon with Sword Coast Legends’ Dungeon Master mode – but since its launch, it’s seen some free updates based on player feedback, and n-Space wants you to see how it’s improved. For free. 

From today, December 17th, Sword Coast Legends is free for everyone, at least until next week. The free event will conclude on December 20th, which should give you plenty of time to construct your own short module and saunter around the Sword Coast in the main campaign.

The new features n-Space have added since launch include everyone’s favourite shifty Elves, the Drow; new skill trees; more monster abilities; and the option to respec your characters.

If it ends up being your cup of tea, you can buy it for yourself as an early Christmas present. It will be 50% off on Steam until December 22nd, and this includes the Digital Deluxe edition.