Sword Coast Legends’ new trailer is all about adventure


I’m quite excited for the upcoming Sword Coast Legends. It’s essentially digital D&D, much like Neverwinter Nights, but designed with the idea of a guiding DM player running a co-op team through adventures. It also has all the single-player RPG goblin looting you’d expect, but D&D that I don’t have to clear a big table or put trousers on for is the main draw. There’s a playable build at PAX this week and, in concert with that, developers n-Space have released a new trailer.

Hey, we’re in that! Well, it was one of the best things we played at E3. It’s looking very NWN, which appeals to the bit of me that played the first chapter of that game so many times it’s now one of the dullest activities I could imagine undertaking. I’m also a big fan of the massive floating dice, though mostly for mysterious power-hungry reasons rather than any actual qualities it may have.

The twist on dungeon-building antagonist sims of the past is that once adventurers enter your death-trap, you can alter it on the fly. See them taking a route you didn’t expect? Spice it up with some sudden zombies. Struggling more than you thought they would against early monsters? Cut them down from later sections or make it easier by changing drops and level structure. The popularity of recording and streaming tabletop games has skyrocketed in recent years and I’m fascinated to see what experienced RPG players can do with tech like this.

If you’re wanting to get your hands on it, pre-orders are up and details on what you get at each level, including early access, were announced this week.