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Stunning turn-based strategy game feels like the return of FF Tactics

New pixel art turn-based RPG and strategy game Sword of Convallaria has a release date, and feels like the return of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Everyone has a favorite Final Fantasy game, but some of the most vociferous defenders of their chosen champion are the Final Fantasy Tactics fans. And with good reason; theirs is certainly one of the finest in the long-running RPG series, yet its isometric pixel art approach meant it was overlooked by many at the time in favor of the bolder FF7. Now, one of the best strategy games has a spiritual successor in Sword of Convallaria, a stunning new Steam game that’s set to launch this summer.

Developer XD says Sword of Convallaria is designed as a revitalization of that classic era of Japanese turn-based RPGs. Its gorgeous pixel art design and isometric squad-based tactics are immediately and deliberately reminiscent of FF Tactics, though it also calls to mind the likes of classic Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. It even features a soundtrack from the beloved Hitoshi Sakimoto, composer on both Final Fantasy 12 and Tactics alongside a long history of other fantastic appearances.

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Sword of Convallaria brings an intricate tactical combat system where clever use of terrain is key to success. The battlefields are filled with obstacles and varying geometry, and make use of everything from simple high-ground advantage to giant stones you can roll to eliminate entire squadrons in one fell swoop.

It’s a comprehensive offering too; XD says the single-player campaign can offer as much as 120 hours of gameplay, with a storyline that’s driven by player choice and the companions you recruit. Bring them back to your camp, train them and upgrade their equipment, and develop them into a custom squad fit to tackle any challenge.

As if that wasn’t enough, the whole thing is wrapped in a simply beautiful package. The retro-styled pixel art designs combine with modern 3D rendering effects, real-time shading, and HDR to create something that feels old-school but in an entirely modern way. As someone who fell in love with the magnificent Sea of Stars and Octopath Traveler 2 last year, Sword of Convallaria feels similarly successful in that endeavor.

New turn-based tactics RPG Sword of Convallaria - The grid-based combat system in the new strategy game.

Sword of Convallaria launches on Steam Wednesday July 31. If you want to try it ahead of time, a closed beta test is set to run from Thursday June 27 to Thursday July 4. You can sign up for the beta via the official website from now through Monday June 24, or wishlist the game on Steam to follow its progress.

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