Sword of the Stars 2 expansion free for players who bought base game in buggy state


Swords of the Stars 2 was released to not exceptional applause, full of bugs and instabilities, many players complained and Paradox even admitted to its poor state of release. Both they and the developer apologised and have spent the past year pushing out updates to fix what shouldn’t have been a problem at release.

Well, Paradox are now saying that the game’s in a good state and as a thank you for the patience of their fans they’re giving the upcoming expansion, End of Flesh, away for free.

Writing on their site,Paradox revealedthe expansion and the plans to reward owners of the base game with free copies:

“Now, a year later, Paradox Interactive and Kerberos Studios are finally happy to declare the game in good condition and are celebrating by revealing a brand new expansion“End of Flesh”,alongside new content and improvements inSword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition.As a token of appreciation and “thank you” for their patience, Paradox Interactive will arrange for existing Sword of the Stars II owners to receive“End of Flesh”for free on release. Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition is scheduled to release on November 30th.”The Enhanced Edition will include:

  • The new Loa race with a new drive for their ships – the Neutrino Pulse Gate
  • Over 25 new technologies including a new tech tree for cybernetics
  • 10 new weapons and attack systems
  • Expanded ship building options for all six original factions, including new Leviathan class ships
  • 2 new independent races to seduce or bludgeon into your imperial orbit
  • New random encounters and mission types
  • All previously released faction based DLC – the voices, the badges, the avatars, the skins…all of it.

Paradox haven’t yet said how players will be able to claim this copy, details coming.