BioWare reveal Star Wars: The Old Republic’s HK-51 assassination droids


It would be a huge shame if the Star Wars: The Old Republic playerbase ever atrophied to the point where BioWare stopped putting out gorgeous expensive CGI trailers about roboids and Jedis. Their latest computer-video is all about a secret, hidden army of assassination droids that should be familiar to Knights of the Old Republic players: they’re HK units! HK-51s, specifically, just a nudge further down the project line than much loved, murderous KOTOR companion HK-47. The trailer is below.

BioWare have confirmed that the HK-51 companion will make an appearance in The Old Republic in the very near future. They’ve also explained what this murder of droids has been up to in their absence, and how they’ll be used now they’ve been rediscovered.

“Buried deep beneath the icy surface of Belsavis rests an army of the deadliest, most feared machines in the known galaxy. Thought to have been lost when an Imperial freighter was destroyed, they have recently been rediscovered by a group of renegade Sith Lords. Now both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic seek to control these dangerous weapons for themselves. Those who are brave enough to venture into the wreckage will emerge with a powerful new ally.”

Powerful and hilarious, no doubt.