BioWare tease the Cathar as a playable race in Star Wars: The Old Republic


The Old Republic’s take on the cat-person, a fantasy staple for reasons I’ve never been privy to, has been around since launch. Especially if you’re in Republic space, you’ll have regularly come across the Cathar as NPC, companion, or jedi master. But only now are they set to become playable. We think.

A piece from the least challenging jigsaw ever cut has appeared on the official Old Republic Facebook timeline.


While only a sliver of our blaster-toting friend’s face is visible, that face can be seen to bear the distinctive carnival face paint markings of the Cathar.

This lithe and, conveniently for animators, humanoid race wield one of the more fascinating backstories in Star Wars lore. The Cathar’s natural agility and hand-to-hand combat prowess meant they were sought out by the universe’s most insatiable warmongers, the Mandalorians, for a scuffle. The native Cathar were driven to the point of near-extinction on their homeworld, and only a few hundred survived to rebuild their race elsewhere.

Now you can help in that effort, I suppose – though it remains to be seen whether the Cathar are free to all or, like the majority of exotic races, purchasable only through the Cartel Store.

Are you a cat person? I think we’re pretty much all about dogs here.