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KOTOR 2 finally comes to Steam


A long time ago, on a console far, far over there – in the used section – there was a Star Wars game beloved above most others. Where the first, developed by BioWare, was a bright and colourful game of black and white morals, this second game, made by Obsidian, was a melange of ambiguity. It was simply a great game. And nowhere could you put your hands on it. It’s available on the PC. It just wasn’t available through Steam. The oddity was that most other Star Wars games were, including KOTOR 1.

That’s all by the by:you can pick it up for aminuscule£7 – for which you get a lengthy, complex game, that is significantly more enjoyable that the Mass Effect games. Particularly that first one, that was pants.

Go on, treat yourself, get the first KOTOR too.

And a giant gummy bear.