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Lego Star Wars: The Old Republic is here, Imperial Interceptor rendered in plastic


Somebody’s done a Lego. They’ve done a Lego of the Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor, the Sith ship attainable in Star Wars: The Old Republic. They’ve also rendered the Republic’s Striker Starfighter in knobbled-block form, though that ship doesn’t appear in the BioWare MMO, sadly. Instead, as SW:TOR fans will recognise, Jedi players must scoot about in something resembling an interstellar flip-flop.

The 748 piece Sith Fury-class Interceptor kit is available now from the Lego store for just £80. And it’s payday today, when’s the last time you bought yourself something nice? It would even fit in that space next to your TV.

Seamless. Also available is the Republic Striker-class Starfighter.