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The Old Republic to celebrate KOTOR 10th anniversary


BioWare have announced that there will be celebration held in Star Wars The Old Republic to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the MMOs older brother, RPG Knights of the Old Republic. Celebrations will take place in-game and out-game, and will take place on 15th July.

In a post on the Old Republic website, BioWare explain that on the day players will be able to read a blog post of BioWare Creative Director James Ohlen, who will be writing about how KOTOR paved the way for the Star Wars MMO.

On the SWTOR Facebook page, there will be Cartel Coin giveaways throughout the day.

For those in-game, the Cartel Market will be selling – for 24 hours only – the title of “Revan’s Heir”. If you don’t know who Revan is, go and play Knights of the Old Republic now. No, right now. Seriously, better than Empire.