The Old Republic celebrates the consumption of turkey meat with a double XP weekend

SWTOR double XP weekend

Centuries ago, some not-yet-American folk ate a meal with a bunch of people they met and would later treat rather poorly. I'm sure there's an analogue in the Star Wars universe, somewhere. Jabba probably shared a turkey with Luke before attempting to feed him to the Rancor. 

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Star Wars: The Old Republic is putting on a double XP weekend, getting characters up to snuff for the approaching Galactic Starfighter expansion. The event ends on Sunday, December 1st 11PM PST or December 2nd at 7AM GMT. It started an hour ago, so get cracking.

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Shriven avatarEmpyre avatarOld Chorizo avatar
Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

And that will stack with my XP Boosts! Glad I went back. Having a ball... Just turn chat off and pretend your alone!

Empyre Avatar
3 Years ago

Hmm, an interesting approach to an MMO.

Old Chorizo Avatar
3 Years ago

Considering the types of people and the quality of the communities in many MMOs these days, it's not a bad idea. In many of these games no where does it say you MUST be social. Massive Multiplayer to me means it's just got a lot of people connected to the same world - I don't HAVE to chat or group with them if I don't want.