The Old Republic now available in Lego form


Is it even possible to dislike Lego? Even if a family member had had an unfortunate Lego incident where they’d fallen down the stairs after stepping on a wayward piece, can you really blame the lovely Lego? Surely it’s the fault of whoever so carelessly left it there. The Old Republic is now available in Lego form, and luckily they’re big enough for Uncle Jeremy to see when they’re strewn on the top of the stairs.

There’s only two sets available so far, and they’re both spaceships, but then everyone loves spaceships. On the Republic side you have the 9497 Striker-Class Starfighter, which is based off the Talon-Class from the game. It’s a great big red ship that looks suspiciously like an X-Wing, only without the X bits. So like any fighter from WW2.
Then there’s the 9500 Fury Class Interceptor, which manages to keep its name in the transition. It’s a bit like Darth Vader’s tie-fighter in The Empire Strikes back, only blockier. And it comes with a Sith, who has a proper lightsaber and everything. Not like that Republic ship that just gets a boring Jedi with a dual lightsaber. Size isn’t everything.

As these have made it into the Star Wars Lego universe, it’s looking likely they won’t be the only bits and pieces to make it from the game and into your toybox. The only thing is that they’re not being officiallymarketedas being part of The Old Republic, so you might have to survive knowing that it doesn’t have the logo on the box.
They’re both available for purchase now, if you absolutely must have everything to do with The Old Republic. Or if you just like Lego. Or Star Wars. They’re covering a lot of bases there.

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