Star Wars 1313 is officially a thing: a bounty hunter third person action thing


Star Wars 1313 has been officially confirmed by LucasArts, following what seems to have been a slight slip-up from The game’s title refers to Level 1313, a cavernous underground area on Coruscant, the capital city planet first shown in Star Wars: Episode One.

Described by LucasArts as a “third person cinematic action adventure”, the game puts the player in control of a bounty hunter investigating a criminal conspiracy, which undoubtedly goes to the highest levels of power on Coruscant. LucasArts haven’t confirmed the identity of the bounty hunter, but we all know it’s totally Boba Fett.
The game promises to be a darker look at the seedy underbelly of the traditionally fresh-faced Star Wars universe, and it will rely on human gadgets and skills rather than Force powers. So it won’t be like The Force Unleashed, which can only be a good thing.
LucasArts are throwing everything they’ve got at the game, collaborating with LucasFilm Animation, Skywalker Sound and Lucas-owned cinematic visual effects gurus Industrial Light and Magic. It’s even going to use the same motion-capture tech that turned Mark Ruffalo into the Hulk for The Avengers movie.
The game will be showcased at forthcoming games-show-cum-meat-market E3. In the meantime enjoy this annoyingly excitable man presenting an annoyingly excitable video over on GameTrailers TV.