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Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.5 update video shows off droids, prisons, and beasts that just won’t die


“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine” my sister once said to me, in the case of Dreadtooth, the new big bad introduced in the Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.5 update, it’s actually true. Each time players kill it it returns tougher and meaner than its previous incarnation.

This and other additions to the game are detailed in the newly released developed diary embedded below.

Straight from the heart of the sun (or the Star Wars: The Old Republic Youtube channel, you decide):

We’ve written already about the joy HK-51 presence brings to our puny cardiac muscles, and mentioned the new Nightmare Modebut now we’ve a few more details about the latter. According to the video, players will fight in an arena with Dreadtooth, each time he’s killed he returns stronger.

Why would you face such an enemy by choice? Killing him is the only way to receive the newDread armour lootdrops. So if you want to complete the armour set that appeared in the 1.4 Terror From Beyondupdate you’ll need to hop into battle with ol’ Dreadtooth.

No mention of the pretty foliage shaders, though.

The 1.5 update is already live on the game’s test servers and will soon be arriving in the public domain.