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Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates May the Fourth by showering players with free droids and bonus XP

Star Wars Day

With Sunday being May 4th, Star Wars Day, BioWare’s no longer canon Star Wars: The Old Republic is planning a celebratory weekend. The jedi won’t be participating, of course, because fun probably leads to the dark side like every other damn thing. Bloody jedi. 

BioWare’s celebrating with an XP bonus weekend and a free mini-pet for all players. 

If you’re a current player, you can log in today and snatch you MT-4T astromech droid mini-pet. Yes, he’s one adorable little dustbin. He’ll follow you around everywhere, likely emitting useless chirps and beeps. He’ll be available up to May 4th.

From Friday, May 2nd, BioWare is implementing a bonus XP weekend. Between the 2nd and the 5th, XP gains will be doubled for all players, so it will be a good time to try and hit level 55.

If you’re already max level, your legacy gains will also be doubled.

I just stopped playing last week, after going back for a couple of months. I’m tempted to jump back in just to make funny noises as I stare at my wee astromech droid.

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