Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer sees playable Cathar confirmed


Everybody wants to be a cat. So the song goes, and so it is. In the past, the given reason has been that cats know where it, something, is at – now, it’s that cats are possessed of some of the greatest natural agility and self-discipline in the known galaxy, and consequently make for excellent jedi.

Yes, the Cathar – first teased with a portion of the feline frame on the SWTOR Facebook page – have now been confirmed as the newly playable race due in The Old Republic’s next patch. They’ll join a slew of new, as-yet-unrevealed character creation options in SWTOR 2.1, dubbed the Customisation update.

2.1 also bears the quite-specific honour of being the first major patch to follow Rise of the Hutt Cartel, The Old Republic’s only expansion to date. Having had a mosey about new planet Makeb, where would you like to see BioWare’s cosmos-construction crew zero in next?

Thanks, Polygon.