Star Wars: The Old Republic video shows off Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion


For Star Wars: The Old Republic’s first major content expansion Bioware have opted for a whole new planet, Makeb, and a massive chunk of story to go with it. A newly released video goes into how this expansion fits in with the story of the vanilla game and also what we can expect to see on the new planet and, perhaps more importantly, who we will be fighting.

Makeb certainly looks like a departure from the previously released planets when it comes to the architecture, what with those space elevators and all, but there’s an awful lot of brown rock for a series that already features Tattooine. It didn’t so much seem like a new planet as a new area to that desert world.

That said, it’s not so much about the look as what you’ll be getting up to there that counts. And with the level cap being raised to 55 as well as a whole slew of new legacy achievements to be earned players may find a lot to get caught up with when it releases later this Spring.

You can read the full changelog for the update over here.