Star Wars: The Old Republic’s new Operation boss is currently unbeatable


SWTOR’s last Dread Master is, as his name would suggest, the most-feared enemy in the universe. But perhaps not for the reasons he’d like. Players have worked their way through SWTOR 2.4’s two new Operations this week, only to discover that the final encounter is unfinishable.

During the raid on the Dread Palace, the last Dread Master returns to his throne to recuperate using the ‘Unreachable’ buff, which prevents damage for a short time. Only, in his case, it’s permanent.

BioWare Austin have been made aware of the slightly embarrassing issue – indeed, whispers suggest they’d first been made aware during the patch’s testing phase. In any case, they’ve pledged a fix before the weekend.

It’s been a slightly bumpy week for the studio thus far. Update 2.4 was released early on Monday, and players who downloaded it found that they couldn’t start the game. You’ve probably already guessed the solution – a full many-gig reinstallation.

What’s more, players have reported a reduction in Warzone commendations gleaned from a PvP win, from 140 to 80. The change isn’t listed in the patch 2.4 changelog, and it seems likely the error occured during the removal of Centurion and Mercenary Commendations – BioWare had planned to convert those commendation types into their Warzone equivalents at 1:1.

But! Feedback on new planet Oricon and its Ops has been otherwise overwhelmingly positive among the SWTOR community. By all accounts, it’ll certainly be worth visiting by Saturday. Or perhaps you’re there already?