SWTOR: Galactic Starfighter now available to everyone along with a gargantuan patch

Galactic Starfighter available to all SWTOR players

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s latest expansion, Galactic Starfighter, has now been made available all players. Previously, premium players were the only ones getting to flit around space and engage in some starfighter PvP.

Galactic Starfighter lets players customise their own ship, engaging in PvE and PvP battles. Along with the doors being opened to everyone, a recent update adds a slew of new features from the Bomber role to a team deathmatch mode.

“Space combat is an iconic Star Wars experience that adds another level of excitement and immersion within The Old Republic universe,” said BioWare Austin general manager Jeff Hickman. “Galactic Starfighter shows that BioWare is committed to giving fans, new and old, the high quality Free-to-Play Star Wars experience.”

The Bomber is a tough support vessel armed with proximity mines, attack and repair drones and hyperspace beacons that act as mobile spawn points. A handy ship indeed, and no doubt one that will be useful in team deathmatch.

This new mode is your standard two teams duking it out trying to net the most kills before the timer runs out, but it also introduces a new feature, power-ups.

  • Engine Overcharge – Doubles engine power regen rate, increases ship speed by 30%, increases ship defense by 15%, refills engine power to full on pickup.
  • Weapon Overcharge – Doubles blaster power regen rate, refills blaster power to full on pickup.
  • Shield Overcharge– Doubles shield power regen rate, eliminates shield recently consumed regen delay, refills shields to full on pickup.
  • Damage Overcharge– Doubles damage from all primary and secondary non–drone weapons.

PvE players aren’t getting the cold shoulder, though. A new, modular flashpoint has been introduced, sending both factions to fight over a starship construction yard. It’s split into scenarios, with each expanding the plot. It’s available to everyone at level 15.

A massive list of general tweaks, fixes and changes have also been made, from class balancing to new items in the Cartel Market.