System Shock 3 website goes live, sign up for updates from the RPG revival

System Shock 3

Otherside Entertainment have made live a teaser website for what will likely become one of the most anticipated RPG releases in some time: System Shock 3.

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The website is nothing more than the flickering logo for the game, along with a link to a form where you can fill in your details to receive updates on the progress of the game, suggesting that Otherside may be planning to detail development in a similar manner to Kickstarter projects.

The website’s description reads: “Join the original team behind Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.”

We’ve been expecting news of System Shock 3 for a little while after developer Night Dive picked up the rights to do a full remake of the original game, and also expressed interest in making a new sequel.

The surprise here of course is that Otherside have beaten them to the post. The developer is currently working on Ultima Ascendant, a successor to Ultima Underworld, which many of the staff originally worked on back in the day. As ex-Looking Glass developers, some of the staff also worked on System Shock all those years ago, including studio founder Paul Neurath, so it’s nice to see him returning to the series.

Are you ready to face malevolent AIs again? What sort of game would you like to see from System Shock 3?