System Shock 3 will be published by Starbreeze Studios, who’ve invested $12 million

System shock 3

Warren Spector’s highly-anticipated System Shock 3 has finally landed a publisher in Swedish-based Starbreeze Studios, who are currently in charge of Payday 2, Psychonauts 2 and Dead by Daylight among others. A statement from Starbreeze Studios says the company “has signed a publishing agreement with Otherside Entertainment regarding the game System Shock 3. Starbreeze will invest $12 million to bring the game to PC and other platforms.” 

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While a PC release was never really in doubt, the statement does suggest that System Shock 3 will also be coming to current-gen consoles. It’s a hefty investment, and should hopefully speed up the development substantially, so we can get our hands of Warren Spector’s latest.

System Shock is one of those iconic franchises in the history of games that still gets my blood going and Mr. Spector is one of the founding fathers of the modern action RPG,” says Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson-Klint of the decision to take on System Shock 3. “We’re greatly looking forward to bringing System Shock 3 to players worldwide in our collaboration with Otherside Entertainment and Warren Spector’s team. I’ll be first in line to play”.

The publishing deal stipulates that OtherSide Entertainment will retain 100% of the intellectual property, but will be able to recoup 120% of its full investment including marketing costs. Starbreeze will also be entitled to a 50% share of revenue after the investment is recouped.