It’s definitely still happening because here’s a System Shock 3 trailer

It's 30 seconds of dark sci-fi and threatening SHODAN

As if to reassure us that it’s definitely still happening, Otherside Entertainment has released a short teaser trailer for System Shock 3 just over a month after it repurchased the publishing rights from Starbreeze, which has been having money problems.

The trailer dropped as part of a keynote event at the Game Developers’ Conference this week, and you can check it out below. It’s all very much as expected: grim and gritty sci-fi interiors, horrible mutants, haywire robots, and a deliciously sinister SHODAN bragging about her omniscience. While largely free of surprises, it’s still a tantalising hint of what the game could be – a key part of System Shock has always been its atmosphere, and with modern tech, it could be something special.

System Shock 3 was officially announced in December 2015. There followed a flurry of exciting staff announcements – such as the news that System Shock creator Warren Spector was on board – but we’ve heard very little else about, apart from last month’s news that Starbreeze had sold the rights back to Otherside.

Anyway, enough of such gloom. Here’s the trailer:

As you might guess from her ominous appearance there, Spector says SHODAN will be at the heart of System Shock 3’s story, and has promised the game will have things “no one’s ever seen or done before.”

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Remaster master Nightdive – who actually own the System Shock trademark – has been working on a remake of the original. As of a year ago Nightdive was committed to releasing it and had forecast a launch in the first quarter of next year.