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System Shock Remastered gets a suitably atmospheric pre-alpha gameplay trailer

System Shock

System Shock Remastered might be a way off, but that hasn’t stopped Night Dive Studios putting out some early footage in an all-new gameplay trailer. Hissing steam, metal pipes, sterile corridors and constantly stalking, limping humanoids in boiler suits all feature.

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System Shock Remastered aims to rebuild the classic PC game with modern visuals and UI, but while retaining all the things that you remember: scary AI, Citadel Station, and an oppressive sense of loneliness.

It’s being built in Unity with the help of the original concept artist.

This new trailer perfectly captures the essence of Citadel Station, though its enemy models look like they need a bit of work. Saying that, this is all pre-alpha and things are likely to change before release.

Gangly boiler suit weirdo aside, the environments look incredible, and the sound design is already enough to make the hairs stand on end. Put some headphones on and have a watch of the trailer below: