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Tacoma delayed by six months to give it “more space to live up to its potential”


Tacoma is the follow-up to Gone Home. Another experiment in environmental storytelling, it’s set on a lunar transfer station once occupied by the 1% lucky enough to be en route to luxury moon resorts.

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The thing about experiments: they tend to need work. In the latter half of last year, Fullbright gathered feedback from developer friends and decided to rework some core components of the game. That’s resulted in the pushback, from mid-to-late 2016 to spring 2017.

“As you can tell from this decision being made a full year before we plan to launch, this isn’t a last minute ‘we just need a little more time!’ thing, but more of a ‘we need to be responsible about giving the game more space to live up to its potential’ kind of thing,” say the developers.

Among the key elements that have changed in recent months are Fullbright’s approach to gravity, the fiction’s use of Augmented Reality, and the fashion the player interacts with Tacoma’s story – “in a fundamentally different way than anything we’ve worked on before”.

“We’ve recently sent out another playtest, the response to which has made our months of deep-structure soul-searching feel very worth it,” say Fullbright. “But it’s also taken time… time that would’ve otherwise been devoted to getting the game further on toward being finished and shipped.”

Hence the delay – though we can expect to see more of the altered Tacoma in the summer. What did you make of Gone Home’s tactile storytelling?