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Watch the first 15 minutes of Tacoma, the sci-fi narrative game from the Gone Home team

Tacoma gameplay

Gone Home developers Fullbright have just released a gameplay video showing the first 15 minutes of their upcoming game, Tacoma. 

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Like Gone Home, Tacoma sees you exploring an abandoned place trying to find out where everyone has gone, but this time it’s a space station and you’re left wondering whether a benevolent AI has topped everyone by cutting off the oxygen supply and comms.

Even though it’s set in space, Tacoma is less lonely than Gone Home, letting you interact with augmented reality flashbacks of conversations between the crew, all taking place at the same time. You can rewind, pause and play these out like videotapes, moving around the ship and eavesdropping to piece the puzzle together.

It seems like a different take on the same thing, basically. Instead of picking through letters and belongings, you’re scrubbing through fully voiced conversations. The production values are certainly improved. Tacoma is due out spring 2017.

Have a watch of the IGN video below to see if it’s for you: