Take-Two remains silent on possible GTA V PC port

Take-Two remains silent on possible GTA V PC port

We always end up getting it, but until we do, Grand Theft Auto on PC usually ends up looking like it will never happen, so reluctant is anyone involved to even breath a single word about the port. Almost five months after GTA V launched on consoles, and there’s still no word from Take-Two beyond the usual “we have nothing to say”.

When he was asked about a PC version at a financial call, Take-Two CEO Karl Slatoff replied, “At this point there’s really nothing for us to say about that.” Continuing with, “We haven’t announced anything as it relates to any other platforms versus what’s out there.”

If the trend established over the years continues, we’ll likely see a PC version this year. And with GTA V becoming the most successful console standalone title, it would be madness not to cash in on that success by expanding the platform range it features on.

I’m tempted to say Take-Two’s complete silence on the matter will only harm them, but that’s nonsense. Here I am, writing a news article on their silence.

I’m essentially the BBC.

Cheers, CVG.