Takedown: Red Sabre launches with broken multiplayer and a host of bugs


For a game built for co-op multiplayer, it’s a right pain that since launching on Friday we’ve been unable to set up a single working game with Takedown: Red Sabre. It’s not just the multiplayer that’s bugged but singleplayer, too. You can lose the host when playing solo and offline.

It’s bizarre.

Rob’s a little enamoured with Takedown: Red Sabre, he’s had two hands-on sessions with the game and enjoyed both greatly, one at E3 and one last week. Though it seems the developer led sessions were better established than the game’s bog-standard multiplayer.

This is the multiplayer server list that I can see at the moment:

Now, if I join fi_tAk’s game I’ll likely find the 0/12 was a lie and there are lots of players in there. Doesn’t mean I can play with them. Every time I’ve tried to play I’ve been kicked back to the menu.

If I try and host a game then no one seems able to discover it. Jeremy’s tried to connect to my game using a direct IP connection and that’s not worked, either.

Even if multiplayer were working there seems to be a silly number of features lacking from match creation. You can’t password protect your server, invite friends, form a party, or any other of the traditional settings.

It’s a bit of a mess. That’s a great shame because what I’ve played of the singleplayer suggests the multiplayer would be an excellent way to while away an afternoon.

Well, when it’s not crashing. It’s possible to have a “Lost connection to host error” appear while playing the game on singleplayer. I’m not sure how that’s possible. You aren’t playing the game online and, surely, you are the host. How have you lost connection with yourself? Unless your computer is going through an existentialist crisis it would seem that someone at Serellan games dropped the ball on this one.

For their part, Serellan have said they’re looking into it. “For those who are having technical issues, please accept my sincerest apology and know that the team is looking to address those issues as soon as we can,” is the message they’ve appended to a technical FAQ posted to the Steam forums.

Essentially, by all reports, Takedown is great when it works but currently I can’t get it do so. Fingers crossed it’ll be patched this week.