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Taking sides: 2D multiplayer shooter Warside pits future-men against each other in a resource war


At times, my spatial awareness is not on top form. Maybe I’ve had a long day, or I’ve run out of whisky, or some other very good reason. It’s at times like these that I prefer my shooting to take place in a 2D space. So Warside might be right up my alley. 

It’s multiplayer 2(.5)D sci-fi shooter with little chaps – who happen to be an elite squad of soldiers – peppering the screen with brightly-coloured laser fire. There’s flying and big, glowing shields and people dying all over the place. All that good stuff.

There’s an RPG system at play, as well, so builds and character customisation are just as important as a fast trigger finger. You can stalk other players as an agile assassin, stomp around the 2D battlefield as a minigun-wielding powerhouse or just flying around laughing like a loon.

It boasts hundreds of weapons and armour types, implants and upgrades, and futuristic gadgets that confer special abilities. There’s a poison crossbow, which seems a bit old-fashioned for a futuristic shooter, but I don’t want to complain for fear of getting shot by one.

Russian developer Kraken Games is hoping to get it up on Steam, so maybe take a wee look at theGreenlight page? It seems like a hoot.