Tales from the Borderlands starting “soon”; watch the first in-game trailer while you wait

Tales from the Borderlands trailer

Tales for the Borderlands’ first episode, Zer0 Sum, will be out soon, teases Telltale. In the mean time, you can gorge on the first in-game trailer which, unsurprisingly, looks a lot like Borderlands, but with less shooting and more gags – which I can definitely get behind. 

Slap your eyes on it below. 

The first season – which sees Rhys, Handsome Jack fanboy and company man, and Fiona, con artist and swindler, team up to get very, very rich – features the vocal chords of Troy “I’m in everything” Baker, Laura “I’m also in everything” Bailey giving life the main characters.

The supporting cast will be voiced by Telltale alumna, Erin Yvette, Chris Hardwick, Dameon Clarke returning as Handsome Jack and Patrick Warburton, whose voice you couldn’t not have noticed in the trailer.

Buying the season will cost you $24.99, which is inexplicably $5 more than the console price.